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When MASSIVE brands such as Mercedes-Benz, Amazon and Audible cast out their nets to capture that perfect signature sound, they are looking for a Professional Voice Actor  that is captivating, relatable and engaging.

They need a voice actor who can perform and instantly connect with their audience – and when you listen to his demos, you can quickly hear why these brands turn to Dave Hull.





The Voice actor

Who is Dave?

Hi! I’m Dave! I live both in Canada and the US and have recently started collecting stray wild animals (5 ducks and a cat so far). I should also mention, I’m a Professional Voice Over as well! It’s possible that talking to myself in a padded room all day may be the cause of my recent wild animal collection.

Are you looking for a relatable and engaging voice actor that can connect with your audience? If so, you’re in the right place! I record in my broadcast quality studio with Source Connect and absolutely love collaborating with new people! I have a 20-year background in Customer Service Management and I know how to use it! I treat your project as my own and my #1 priority is ensuring you are 100% thrilled with the work I do with you 🙂

 My wheelhouse typically includes Commercials, Promo, Audiobooks, E-Learning, Explainer, Medical, and Video Games, but I am open to most genres of projects. I work with some of the best voiceover coaches and industry leaders on a regular basis to ensure I always stay ahead of VO trends. 

 Sound good so far? Reach out to me and tell me a bit about your project. I can easily be made available for a quick Zoom or Teams meeting as I always like meeting clients face to face. Unlike my wild animal collection, I don’t bite. Lets Connect!


Loved the narration of David Hull, who brings out the angst, suspense, action. You can feel the characters pain and frustrations, perfect.


Finally, I’d like to say something about the audiobook narrator. I have never heard this particular narrator but he’s very good. The narrator has a great voice for audiobooks, is very clear, and even does individual voices for the characters. You don’t often find that with a newer novelist. I don’t know where they found him, but he did a fantastic job.

The Butterfly Effect Hits

Narrator Dave Drew Hull has a deep, growly voice that helps immerse the reader/listener into the realm of shifters. It’s easy to believe in take charge alphas with just his tone of voice.

Amazing story and perfect narration!

I listened to the audiobook version and it was really good, and a truly immersive experience at times!

Awesome pairing

The book is brilliant dystopian political fiction. Megan Stockton turns America’s current homelessness epidemic into a future so grim that it gives you chills. Combine the work with the bourbon smooth voice of Dave Drew Hull and you have an audiobook that will be a best seller.


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